Monday, October 18, 2004

Code Camp Complete

I gave my talk on Asynchronous Programming in .NET at code camp 2 today and it went pretty well. I only got half way through my slides so I can probably break it into two talks pretty easily.

A couple of old friends attended the lecture and it was great to see them.

If you were attending today and are looking for code I'll start to post it later this week.

I attended Richard Shaw's Generics lecture today and I began to work on a generic Cache class that I'll be blogging about. This was a good review of generics.

He suggested we all bone-up on Generic's and show up at Juval Lowy's lecture, C# 2.0 Generics on October 26 at the Microsoft Waltham office sponsored by

He didn't suggest heckling just asking really tough questions.

I've never seen Juval Lowy before but I really like his book on Programming .NET components. It is well worth reading. His web-site has some very high quality test code available for download.


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