Saturday, October 16, 2004

The Emperor's Clothes: Code Camp II

I attended Code Camp II today.

This is a tremendous event there were 6 and 1/2 tracks. 2 web tracks, 2 smart client tracks, 1 and 1/2 mixed tracks and a datat & smart client track.

4 of the tracks were held in rooms holding 80 to 100 plus people but a couple of the tracks were in smaller rooms.

I started with Patrick Hynds talk on developing application under Windows XP SP2. This was a good talk that included how to configure the sp2 firewall programatically. This is important so that your install script can setup your application. For me the important info was that we must add our .NET remoting Server to the application whitelist. I'll be downloading his slide deck and studying it carefully.

Next I wanted to attend Jason Bock's talk but the room he was in was tiny and full. So I went to Robert Hurlbut's Chalk Talk on developing as a Non-Admin.

The argument for developing as non-admin is compelling but I'm afraid it still looked like a lot of trouble even given all the great tips he gave. I think I will give it a try. But I'm not sure I will stick with it.

But I did eek out a great idea. Robert was using RunAs to run with Amin Credentials. In this way he can temporarily run as admin to set ACL's or install code or debug.

My idea is to use RunAs to lower my crentials instead of increasing them. I'm going to try using RunAs to run NUNIT with regular user permissions. At least this may catch some problems in my components.

For session 3 I hit Richard Hale Shaw's talk on Patterns in C# programming I followed this up with his chalk talk on Pattern Mining with .NET. Richard's talks were the highlight of the day. He has developed a practical approach to identifying best-practices and patterns in .NET. The chalk-talk was especially interesting as we were able to identify some new patterns and help each other by finding some best-practices/patterns to resolve some problems.

I decided to try to see some other speakers even though I was enjoying Richard Shaw's talks so I attended Andy Novick's talk on "Building on the .NET Framework: Create Professional WinForms Applications". Sorry Andy but this was the weakest lecture of the day. Andy Described his implementation of some fat client apps for his clients. I thinke he would have done better to just focus on some technology he used. I would have liked him to go into depth on the Updater Application Block. Instead he just described the code libraries he purchased and downloaded to implement a handful of applications. He clearly put a log of effort into his powerpoint presentation which included lots of fades and transitions.

Finally I attended Sam Gentile's talk on "Introduction to the .NET and CLR and Internals" This was a pretty good review of the CLR. Sam has spent way too much time playing with Rotor!!

The evening was capped by the Blogger "Dinner" organized by Jason Haley. It was great I had an opportunity to talk to Jason Bock, Carl Franklins, Richard Shaw, Don Demsak, Scott Watermasysk and others. I think some of the non-geeks who were at the bar watching the red-sox game were more than a little put off by the invasion of the nerds.


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